Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stageit Show

That was a huge laugh!!! My computer crashed three times beforehand and I had to switch it off to cool down. It go so overheated that its battery has swollen up and burst through its casing (pregnant? let me know if you want any computerlets).
Thank you to anyone who signed up and watched, I really enjoyed the running commentary and I'm sorry I missed the encore button, I was busy singing!
I'm ready for a party now... guess I'll just have to pick up that gee-tar and serenade the duck hairdryer and the big spoon (in-joke)!


Val Phoenix, scribe said...

Very enjoyable gig, but we couldn't see your guitar! Which one was it?

foolish girl said...

That was a quality event!! It was surreal having a dedication in my own front room..thanks again. I loved it when you messed up, it's nice that you laugh about it now..and just get on with it. A night to remember...when's the gig with Birch and Stephenson? Val's right though couldn't see your right hand, and it was very busy, You played excellently except the cock up bit hahaha x

Helen McCookerybook said...

Hi Val and Sandy, it was the Martin acoustic guitar that I use for unplugged gigs sometimes. Martin gave it to me- it's a really good guitar.
Sorry about Heaven Avenue Sandy- halfway through the computer screen went black and I thought it had crashed and I rushed across the kitchen to get the emergency backup computer and then the screensaver came on and I realised it was still streaming. The joys of breaking in new ideas on old computers!!
Didn't need to tidy the kitchen did I?
I had to balance the computer on a pot stand on the cooker because it overheated and was giving me electric shocks because the battery compartment has warped, that's why I was standing so close in case it fell off!