Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sold Out in Sheffield

It was everyone's local, and they all came along. Promoter Andy Whitehouse and his partner had made us home made curry, and Andy began the evening with a set of distinctive songs to a good reception.
Martin and I had plundered T K Maxx in Sheffield and I was wearing a 1950s style top with Daisies in it, very apt. Because there were minors in the audience (I misunderstood it as miners and looked around for burly men with blue coal-stained fingers) there was no bar in the room, which meant an audience of listeners not bar chatterers.
Martin played a red Stratocaster as the Yiari is being re-fretted, and as a consequence he managed to sound like an entire band of Daintees all by himself. Song of the night was Slaughterman.
We'd rehearsed the Cannonball Rag together and played that at the end of my set; at the end of his we played Hamilton Square and Freight Train.
It's been lovely in Sheffield. We stayed in a hotel in the countryside and yesterday watched a little Tree Creeper whizzingcapva massive tree. I thought it looked like a mouse. "A mouse with wings", said Martin.

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