Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Round Trip

Two marks were missing from the electronic marks list. They were not on electronic essays, but on pieces of paper in my office at work.
Today I made a 40-mile round trip and foraged through a pile of essays to find them, switched on my computer (there's time to have a coffee and go to the post-room while it 'warms up' because the system is so slow), typed in the marks, and went home.

In the spirit of wasting a day, I spent the afternoon putting all my CDs in order. The toppling piles fell over several times, but they are now in A-Z order with compilations in their own section, and I am looking forward to listening to:

Horace Andy
Etta Baker
Ivor Cutler
Destiny's Child
Franz Ferdinand
Marvin Gaye
Phil Harris
The Irrepressibles
Louis Jordan
Janet Kay
Lotte Lenya
The Monkees
Tito Puente
Quiet Village
The Raincoats
Martin Stephenson
Shirley Temple
Rachel Unthank
Van Morrison
Muddy Waters
X-Ray Spex
Yma Sumac
Zap Mama

Yes, yes, I know, Van Morrison should be an 'M', but at least I only have to look in two places if I don't find them the first time around.
I have sections with girls-with-guitars compilations, French music, Salsa, Rockabilly (though most of that is on vinyl, with the Disco 12" singles), Northern Soul and General Stuff.

Oh nerdiness sublime!

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Anonymous said...

Ha! The first thing I did before I read to the bottom of your post was check your alphabeticising. Only blokes are supposed to be that nerdy!

Rich C