Monday, June 27, 2011

Flies and Slugs

Gina is playing a Ladyfest in Paris next weekend, and showcasing a whole set of new material.
Ladyfest audiences are very supportive, so I can't think of a better place to do it.
Shamed by her activity, I realised that since my computer gave up the ghost, and then in fact reclaimed the ghost, I haven't done a single recording so I spent an hour this afternoon trying to record and finish a song, the rough version of which is on Reverbnation (look to your right and you will see the player to have a listen if you want to).
As it plays, I have been singing harmonies so I guess it's not finished. I also had to re-learn Garageband (how do you switch on the monitor when you are recording the guitar? I had to just listen out to what I was playing) which has become little more sophisticated since I last used it but now has a very useable equaliser.
I started recording another one and my imagination went wild thinking about girls-group harmonies, but it got too humid to carry on and I demolished half a tub of ice cream instead.
Offsprog Two is stuck in a traffic jam at Stonehenge. I have made a ton of food, although she merely sent a text saying 'Cheese'. I have some of that too.
Flies the size of bulldozers have lost their way and come into the house to ask for directions. Flattening myself against the wall to avoid them, I point mutely to the door, but they are apparently only capable of buzzing in spirals until they hit a window, at which point they 'Ahem!', and set off again in another blundering direction.
I can't decide which I like least, flies or slugs.

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