Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Electric Eden

I have finally given up any attempt to read Rob Young's book, Electric Eden.
It looked so exciting and it's packed with information, but it is incomprehensible, jumping about from one date to another and back again, and populated by lists and lists of bands and artists, almost as though he was afraid to leave anyone out.
I think it should have been an encyclopaedia with a family tree in an appendix to show the links between the artists. Their stories are charming and quirky and it's an incredibly well-researched book, but its sheer comprehensiveness causes the problem.
I have tried reading it through, and I have tried dipping into it, but now it is resting on a shelf, and I am resting on the sofa, exhausted by trying to untangle a narrative from the heap of facts, dates, names and anecdotes.
What a pity.

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