Thursday, June 09, 2011

Domestic Day

Not always fun, but today was OK. 
I made an apple and ginger cake and some cheese scones for Offsprog Two ((I'm supporting Martin in Sheffield on Saturday) and tied up the potatoes and raspberries which were straggling all over the yard.
Commander Lonely, the track by The Chefs on Messthetics 108 got played on Radio 6 on Monday evening (thanks for letting me know, Ian) by Gideon Coe and I am going to send him some exclusive tracks soon, when The Chefs Compilation is more imminent (b*gger the hiccups).
I still haven't got round to listening to the whole CD to review it, but I will. Currently I am tiptoeing around Offsprog Two who is revising for her 'A' Levels and who has camped out in the whole house, carpeting every available surface with books, little lined cards with notes, banana skins, pens and nail polish remover, all apparently essential for passing exams.
The vegetables pose here for a photograph. They spent ages in front of the mirror getting their look just right. Such narcissism! Such vanity!


Anonymous said...

By the look's of that garden, you should be a scrap metal dealer!

Anonymous said...

LUMBERRRRR! ANY OL' IRON! steptoe & son!