Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I have been at a conference all day, one that was hugely stimulating but also hugely knackering. The one sour note was a panel member who joked twice about the hangover he got last night while hanging out with one of the other male panel members, a bit of man-chumminess and power-assertion that I didn't particularly enjoy.
It was attended by a group of people who work for arts organisations all over the UK and it was like being able to look through a door into an upstairs room that had previously been forbidden. I have learned a lot, and I enjoyed talking to every person I talked to, whether museum director or artist-in-residence. Brill.
In a five-minute break I listed all the things I haven't done.
I am two days late with peer-reviewing some conference papers, and I have to proof-read the entire book before Monday as well as marking someone's Masters Thesis. I am actually really pleased (shame!) that rain is forecast for the next few days. The Offsprogs will be Glastonburying and I shall either work at home or in a library somewhere until it is all done, slurping tea and sniffing the biscuit crumbs at the bottom of the biscuit jar as I try to lose my spare tyre.
The Offsprogs don't mind the rain idea, having found last year to be too hot and dusty.

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