Monday, May 09, 2011

Tube Journey

And on the way home, I fell asleep on the tube.
When I woke up, a man who was sitting next to me asked me about playing the guitar, He said that I had been practising in my sleep: this reminded me of the sleeping Chinese old man with an instrument case that I had seen once, practicing a complex piece of music furiously as he slept.
The man who spoke to me was a council worker from Durham, who worked with Iranian refugees. He told me how difficult he found it to understand Geordies, and how they sound like Norwegians. Makes sense, since Geordieland is closer on the map to Norway that to many other parts of the UK.
The council worker loves Durham, though, and says it is a beautiful city. I told him about the time when Gina and myself were on tour doing Voxpop Puella/Headspace and we wandered into Durham Cathedral, straight into a choir rehearsal.
What beautiful music! Ethereal clouds of wispy sound, meringues of harmony, bursts of joy.
Verily, music is a wondrous thing.

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