Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Life is whizzing at the moment: faced by a reduction in yearly income, I am improvising.
Martin is taking us to Berlin to celebrate the artwork that I have done for the latest CD releases, and when we get back I'll start eBaying (sounds like something eHounds do) and also selling some of my artwork, especially the prints that are languishing in the cupboard under the stairs.
I have been applying for various grants and getting some, but not others (photos for my book and indexing, yes; help for Chefs CD, no). I am going to hand in notice at the storage place where my LPs live and they are coming home, to stuff the gizzards of my living room and be danced to on Friday nights and Sunday mornings. The Duplo is going in the loft (I want it for when I am an old lady) and 50 Helen and the Horns albums will live under the kitchen table until i can sell them.
Singing songs at posh children's parties beckons!

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