Monday, April 18, 2011


I went to a brilliant conference on Punk Rock in Wolverhampton about ten years ago, all the more brilliant because I had thought it was going to be so crap.
Conference on punk rock? Bah! I thought.
It consisted of every misfit academic in the Universe, and I went with Lucy O'Brien (author of She-Bop) who is good fun.
It was there I met Caroline Coon for the first time, and one of the speakers was Gary Valentine. The Prefects were playing each night, and I have written about the adventures of the seedy hotel we were in way back on the blog somewhere in the distant electronosphere.
'What's all this about?',  I hear you ask.
Curly hair, actually.
One of the speakers talked about film-maker Julien Temple, and about this debate they used to have about him. Was he a proper punk rocker? He had curly hair!
This was my 'problem' back in the day and I used to either plait my hair with fuse wire to make bendy plaits, or eventually I just lopped it all off with a razor blade.

I am sitting looking at a fluffy fringe in the mirror. I often sneak into Offsprog Two's room while she is at school and used her GDHs to flatten my fringe but she's (a) on holiday and (b) got a cold so she's not out gallivanting when she should be revising for her exams. 
I have some ultra cheap Marks and Sparks travel straighteners that manage to get hotter on the outside than they do on the inside and it looks like that's what I shall be using today.
I just wanted to share that with you.

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Anonymous said...

Poly Styrene has quite curly hair and you can't get any more punk than her!