Friday, April 15, 2011

Complaints Choir

It was the second session today; three of last week's participants were away, but there were two new different people. It always happens like that: an ebb and flow of people engaging and disengaging.
I fel as though I knew them a bit better today as it's my second week and when Luis went to print out the lyrics, I was able to carry on even though only two of them speak fluent English. Everyone seems to be really into it though, and when they see how much I struggle with Spanish, which is a new language for me, we will be equal.
This morning we were able to slow the song down and work on pronunciation; I hope the lyrics contain useful words that are worth learning outside the sphere of the song writing project.
We breathed (aspiro?), we stretched, even danced a bit and everyone left smiling again, which I said to Luis was possibly the best thing one human can do to another: make them smile.
Possibly the lyrics are too wordy. I was in a rush to write the song yesterday because the first performance might be on May 2nd but we can unpick it: it's not set in stone.
What are songs but rushes of air and sound, articulated and started and stopped by the tongue, teeth and lips? All their meaning comes from the feeling of the singers, and this group has heaps of that!

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