Thursday, April 28, 2011


It's Offsprog Two's 18th today. I made her a spotty cake with pastel-coloured candles and I got her an Autoharp. We have been walking past and pringggg-ing it, pretending to be children's TV programme soundtracks and pretentious 1960s psychedelic poets, depending on our mood at the time.
It took a while to tune it but even that was fun.
Whoever picks it up looks like a character straight from Arcadia, wistful and dreamy.
In a slightly more down-to-earth note (pringggg!) it is living on the kitchen table at the moment in a sea of birthday cake crumbs and discarded candles, but that does mean you can have a little pringggg! as you walk past it and disappear through the round window... or was it the square one?
Move over, Humpty...

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