Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Edinburgh Conference

There's a really good conference coming up on Thursday in Edinburgh called The Business of Live Music; I am going to at least a day of it. It will be packed with interesting people talking about music scenes all over the world, some from a business point of view and others from a cultural point of view.
It is organised by Professor Simon Frith, whose books are so engaging that I always ask my students to read them as a first point of call in academic writing about rock music.
He is also a Cristina fan (famous for her tracks Disco Clone and the controversial Is That All There Is? which was banned because of its negative lyrics), as I discovered at The Art of Record Production conference a few years ago, and so am I.
We are few and far between, as her thin and airy disco tracks don't appeal to the more 'cool' disco fans. But there's a certain cool about being anti-cool, although nothing in this world would make me listen to Britney Spears or Lady Gaga, the Thermos flasks of pop.

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