Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Story for the Students

I have written about this before many moons ago, but I bet there are very few people who have been reading this blog for that long!
It's about my dream gig: warm place, easy to get to. No problem with getting the gear in, the show's over in a trice and you're back home in seconds, satisfied and contented. Why on earth don't I do more gigs at this venue?
Where is it? My bed, literally in a dream.

Some of my students that are supposed to be finding industry placements are sitting there each week, waiting for a job to come floating past on the breeze... all they will need to do is gently stretch up and catch it.
If it's not appealing, they can just sit and wait for another to drift past.

One of Bruce Morton's rude stories has already entered the currency at the University of the East.

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frayedattheedge said...

When we lived in Indonesia, we would see 'nannies' (tiny, young Indonesian girls) carrying children almost as big as themselves round the shopping malls, spoon feeding them as they walked. These children of rich people did nothing for themselves - it was up to someone else to do it for them - just like your students!!