Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have a gig tonight at the Zenith Bar; Gina's bringing some of her gear so I can start to pack the car ready for tomorrow's trek north to Gateshead.
I'm just about to empty out the boot, which has become a glorified dustbin. There are lots of large polythene bottles of diluted screen wash, a mike-stand, leads, CDs, a crumpled coat, and a bag of whatnots (that means I don't know what's in it!)
We have to fit three guitars, a bass, a projector, a screen, our bags and us into it.
It might be a squash!
I am optimistic, however, having taken the original incarnation of the Irrepressibles (three quarters of them anyway) to Brighton to play the Komedia with Helen and the Horns a couple of years ago.
That was three people, a huge keyboard, an accordion, a cello, a guitar and an amplifier, all in roasting hot temperatures. I liked it, especially being fed wine gums all the way home by Jamie, who was sitting in the front seat. Luxury!
So... tonight at the Zenith Bar (I am on at 9.45 and playing a 35 minute set and it's free to get in) and tomorrow at The Central Bar, Gateshead, which starts with Pauline Murray at about 8.45, then me, the Gina Birch and then Viv Albertine.

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