Monday, January 10, 2011


This Hyacinth-and-a-half was a bulb in a pot at Christmas. I believe it came from Adrian's allotment in Stockport. It smells delicious and I can't wait for the ones in the yard to flower. They are just poking their noses out of the earth to check whether it's warm enough to come out yet.
Hyacinths, it's not. Wait a bit longer as I suspect there is some trick cold weather round the corner.
I would like to have planted snowdrops too but they are sold in mega-packs to seed a whole woodland, not in twos and threes for a micro-garden like mine.
There are some other things emerging from the soil and I think they might be miniature daffodils; and I've got two Hellebores in pots that don't give a damn about coldest winters on record. They are constructing their escape from hibernation with folding papery fresh new shoots.
The rest looks pretty dead at the moment but I plan to grow a lot more vegetables this year, and even a Peony Bowl-of-Beauty if I can fit one in. And perhaps even a Birch tree in a pot.
There might be room for me too, if I'm lucky.


Anonymous said...

I love hyacinths, but they make me sneeze!

Adrian said...

Hyacinth Pink Pearl - I'm pleased with Martin's care it arrived safely - top man! I didn't know you're another secret Galanthophile - after they flower I'll split some snowdrops so you can enjoy them next winter/early spring. Best, Adrian