Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Girl Power Point

I've spent much of today uploading images from Futuremusic to Powerpoint. It is a specialist magazine for music technology consumers and it has pages and pages of nerdy white males sitting in graphite-coloured nests made of keyboards, audio machinery and computers. I was going to do the same with another mag but it was a laborious process and I think the point will come across. Halfway through, the anti-trip Apple lead fell out (OK! I tripped over it!), corrupted all the files and I had to trick the computer into recognising the jpegs again.
This is my final image: I've decided not to talk about hip hop but I did want to put this nice hip hop honey in front of a mixing desk to see what she came up with. She is visiting Futuremusic from XXL, a specialist hip hop publication, and she's just getting dressed again (did you think she was stripping?) before she gets to work editing her audio samples and rapping over the top (that's rapping, not raping!).
If the snow carries on, I probably won't even get to the conference (Leeds seems to be particularly badly hit). Caroline Coon has read the draft paper and she says I should do another book! I need to re-work the first one first, and then I need to have a very, very arty rest; writing academic papers and books is so meticulous and time-consuming and I do so hate sitting still. I want to dash out there and do loads of gigs, and I want to go to play in New York in the spring, and festivals in the summer.
I've parcelled up all the articles in neat files to take back to work tomorrow, and there are three bags full of academic books in the boot of the car where the CDs used to be. I've brought them in as I don't think they'll survive sub-zero temperatures.
Part of me thinks I know the whole thing backwards so I won't need notes; the other part thinks I'll be struck speechless if anyone looks at me funny and I'd better make some prompts. Will I feel like doing that tomorrow evening after work? Maybe I should do it later this evo...

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