Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Frozen University of the East

Well, I was there at 8.30, although it took two hours... the three students who made it in were grateful. It had been four, but one of them hurt his eye, and his car was written off, in a skid-induced head-on collision: I tried to get him to go home but he wouldn't go till his sister came to pick him up.
Now that's dedication to learning for you!
We had an intensive two hours on essays; afterwards I scoured Zoe's Slits book for the story about Dennis Brown and the assumption by Island Records that he'd be able to mix Grapevine in the studio; of course, he's a vocalist, not a producer. The tea lady did it, with The Slits.
I think it will fit in rather nicely with the bit in my paper on stereotypes!

Dunno if I'll get to Leeds. It's going to be so cold tomorrow that I think I will wait until the water in my car radiator has a chance to thaw out and set off a bit later. I really, really want to present the paper after all this work. The part of me that wants to loll about at home with a hot water bottle and a cup of chocolate tomorrow evening has lost the battle with the part of me that got a buzz out of digging about for obscure articles and mashing them up and making something new.

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