Sunday, November 28, 2010

Prince Philip

It's so funny!
Amazon has decided that I'm a Royalty Fan because I bought a second hand book of Prince Philip's gaffes.
I wanted to find the one where he said that women were ideally suited for production-line work because they had different brains from men.
He was basically equating us with pigeons, actually, because you can train a pigeon to differentiate between differently- coloured grains of rice on a conveyor belt.
It wasn't there, but now I am officially interested in books with titles like 'At Home with The Royals'.
How do they equate this with my recent purchases of book about Gangsta Rap, I wonder?

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Anonymous said...

Some time ago, I bought a camera from Amazon - for months afterwards, I had emails from them recommending cameras that I might like to buy ..... no thank you, I have one already!!