Sunday, November 28, 2010

Morning, 12.45

Breakfast: coffee, crisps (to come) and writing down of the disturbing anecdotes (aka empirical research) about my own experiences of engineering and production over the years, rationed to an hour on a getting-it-off-my-chest basis.
In today's Observer, there is a review of a concert by Jamie Woon, who was a student I taught at the University of the West a few years ago.
I am glad he is becoming successful: like The Irrepressibles, he had his own way about him and he has needed to do a lot of groundwork to make people respect him and take him seriously. I discovered back then that he has links to Crieff in Scotland, a secret surprise of a place full of Perthshire-pinkVictorian mansions and an eccentric, perpetually-raining Highland Games (see a few weeks ago, Euan McGregor the Highland Chieftain) that once featured a display of dancing Bigfoots.
Bigfoots are those trucks with monstrously huge tyres.
I loves 'em.
So big up to ya Jamie; one of his best shows was him and a drummer, lovely and sparse, and according to the review he is still playing about with space.
I like that. I am a total fan of Big Sounds in Empty Spaces and I shall be writing a song to prove it!
Now where's those crisps?

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