Tuesday, November 02, 2010


This young chap was born in Crieff in Perthshire, and was the Chieftain of the Highland Games one year. At the time I hadn't got a clue who he was. I believe I may have mentioned many posts ago the frisson of excitement he had caused in the local ironmongers when he tried on a waxed jacket. I was the next person to try the jacket on and the shop assistant was terribly excited when he told me about it.
Unforchly, my total lack of knowledge about either celebs or films meant that I merely smiled politely and carried on riffling through the sturdy socks and enamel campware.
It's an odd photo: it looks a little bit like he's just about to saw his leg off and is rather proud of the fact.
What a brave laddie!

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about slouch socks worn with a kilt!! I know who he is, and I wouldn't get excited!!