Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Palatine

We had a room downstairs, and a nice group of people who came specially: Jim-the-fiddle and his partner came, Razz and Xochitl, Sarah the photographer, and a selection of poets and general bohemians. Razz had made a banana cake, and our subject was journeys and our special guest was Frog Morris; one of the audience members was called Morris (or was it Maurice?) which was diverting for an unfeasibly long time.
The evening was gentle and relaxed; Frog did a poem midway through about his previous job as a transporter of pig semen. We challenged him to translate it into another language, and he did: HTML!
The other Morris couldn't get a grasp of this at all (being far into his cups by then), and his loud expressions of incomprehension became part of the evening's entertainment.
Kath and Jude were in fine voice, there were candles, there was chat: we did Old Ned, with Jude singing the dreadful story, Kath playing harmonica and me sobbing. It was a lovely night, and we managed to do it in spite of the loud disco music coming from upstairs.
We finished with an encore of our shortest songs and smiled away into the night....

Tomorrow: the Punkbrighton Alldayer, which I have just returned from- what a day!

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