Monday, October 18, 2010


My friend from North Carolina, Daniel Coston, is a brilliant rock photographer and took some really good photos of myself and Martin a while ago. He uses real cameras and photographs real people and makes them look real, an increasingly rare skill.
He is also a writer and historian  and a big Carter Family fan (and also a Zombies fan!).
A week or so again he sent me this link to a site where I am quoting Holly George-Warren talking about Maybelle Carter's style (in my context I was taking issue with Chrissie Hynde's comment that there had been no female guitarist innovators with the impact of someone like Hendrix; actually, I would now add K T Tunstall's loopmaster {loopmistress?} skills to Carter's):
Holly has the most amazing CV and has just brought out a book about cowgirls which looks absolutely essential for anyone with Wild West daydreams:
She has also written a lot of other interesting stuff about music as well as curating Western Wear shows and putting together compilation albums of female- generated music. A very interesting woman, with a natty line in cowboy shirts!

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Anonymous said...

Can I come out of the closet and admit to liking country music? When we lived in Indonesia, one of the satellite tv channels we had was CMT - an Australian country music channel. I've always loved Dolly and Hank Williams, but this introduced us to all sorts of country music ..... and Malcolm became quite besotted with Martina McBride (we bought a dvd in America, so he can have a regular fix!!)