Saturday, October 02, 2010

Bit premature, that Fotherington-Thomas moment. I went to my car and I'd forgotten to lock it on Wednesday (the day I left my keys in my office).
So the Satnav and my ancient light-up iPod have been nicked by some arsehole. That's lots of early demos lost for good. Whether they were good demos, well, I'm not so sure (they got lost from my computer somehow).
That's the last time I go to work with 'flu!


Jude Cowan said...

Yes I lose everything when I have flu. Matt gave me a lovely art deco bracelet which belonged to his mum - lost when I had the flu. He gave me a lovely green hat which I doted on - lost going to work. :( If I stayed at home and did no gigs or work I would lose my mind. Which is worse?

Anonymous said...

I hope the satnav either deposits them in a canal or they turn on to a railway line! I think the only thing to do with this flu is to kill it with copious amounts of alcohol!!