Thursday, September 09, 2010

Trumpets and Cowboys

Busy times, busy times: back to work, and a reminder of the joys of jobsworthiness.
The happy smile as a member of 'support staff' tells you that something or someone is not available, or describes the torturous route to doing something very small and insignificant that involves a firewall of yet more smilingly unhelpful 'support staff'.
Yesterday's Helen and the Horns rehearsal went very well although the puffing, blowing and hollerin' took its toll and we were well and truly blown out at the end. The seasoned hands were patient and supportive of Alex, who is positively blossoming as a section player although his confidence leaves him just at the cusp of brilliance.
I described my four failed driving tests, during each of which I thought 'I haven't made my terrible mistake yet', and then proceeded to make my terrible mistake and thus fail.
I passed the fifth when I was nine months pregnant with Offsprog Two. I was huge, round and grumpy and had nothing to lose. I was so surprised that I passed that I burst into tears.
Alex understands this self-sabotage (Martin's words!) and picks up his confidence again. He is classically trained and has the most beautiful trumpet tone.
I have just been up in the loft and extracted two lovely cowboy shirts for Kath and Jude to wear tonight at Frog Morris's cowboy night at the Montague Arms in New Cross. It starts at 7.30 and there are all sorts of things happening, including the Desperado Housewives doing a cowboy set.
We will be singing harmonies on each others songs as well as crying, I believe.
If you want to hear some Helen and the Horns stuff go to
And if you'd like to listen to Martin's Scullyville album, up for one week only, go to where you will also see the drawings I did for the songs.

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