Sunday, September 05, 2010

A Trip to Yorkshire, and Budgies

Jim, Jimmy and Martin sit outside the Church Hall at the Wombwell Festival, working out keys of songs so the banjo didn't need to be re-tuned too much.
I so wish I had recorded them; the sound of the three instruments blending on a gentle breeze was beautiful. Next time, next time...
They are not competitive players so their styles complement each other: they do sound good amplified but they are even better unplugged.
They played a great set, hilarious and full of bouncy ragtime. They went on a walkabout and ended up on the balcony with the audience craning their necks to see them. Martin invited me up to play Freight Train and The Airship Song, and Jim did a splendid job on converting the trumpet solo of Freight Train to a fiddle solo. Mike and June were there, and the other acts included the former guitarist of Wet Wet Wet playing guitar for his daughter, who has a lovely voice.
Afterwards when we went to eat, the conversation turned to budgies, and Jim told me that a man called Mr Jepson used to visit their estate in Harrogate in a Robin Reliant and sell budgies; his parents bought a couple from him, apparently.

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