Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Games to Play While at Home

1. Trying to find an item of clothing I actually like in the Boden Catalogue.
2. Entering online competitions.
3. Looking deep within the blogosphere until I find something so horrid I have to stop.
4. Reading the sports pages of yesterdays newspaper even though I am not interested in sport.
5. Trying to tune the piano by thought-waves alone.
6. Making a virtual selection of library books that I won't draw out when I am better.
7. Assembling inedible dishes for tea from the rancid contents of the fridge (imagination only).
8. Going upstairs in search of interesting things to do.
9. Going back downstairs, ditto.
10. Writing pointless lists on my blog.

The End


Anonymous said...

Try this if bored:

Get a phillips screwdriver and see how many parts your favourite guitar will break down into. Take off the machine heads, the lot. You may even find the neck comes off.

Then see if you can get it back together, and if you can, does it sound the same.

W of St A

oh, and get well soon

Helen McCookerybook said...

Wilky, I've taken it apart and put it together: it's turned into a nuclear reactor! How did this happen?

Anonymous said...

Don't know. But when I did it to mine it turned into a pile of scrap. I guess it all averages out in the end


Anonymous said...

Hi Helen, just catching up as I was out from 9am to 9.30pm yesterday (I know how to live it up!) Sorry you're very poorly. The best thing for a sore throat is icecream - it's official ...... when I had yet another bout of tonsillitis as a child (at least one a year) the doctor told my parents to give me icecream. Unfortunately for some reason the NHS won't give prescriptions for it (they wouldn't give me prescriptions for Irn Bru when I was aenemic when pregnant and couldn't take iron pills!!)