Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Conversational at Reel Rebels Radio

Yesterday p.m. I braved the Givusachoons (give-us-a-tune, love!) and the looming Tube strike and legged it down to Stoke Newington with my guitar, where an unfriendly 106 bus driver dropped me off a stop too early.
In a strange little Arts Centre, one of two number tens (there are four number twelves as well in Manor Road) lives Reel Rebels Radio, staffed by the friendly Alicia and operating from a room stuffed with bottled water and orange juice, just in case of a National Shortage.
The Desperado Housewives are to be part of a broadcast on National Poetry Day, 7th of October, alongside some very charming and eloquent poets.
The interviewers were Jude and Naomi, and we perched on various chairs and couches waiting for our cue.
The poets were Raymond Antrobus, who runs a night called Chill Pill and whose poem addressed people's attitudes to deafness; Zena Edwards, who did a fantastic poem about laughter; Jiffa, whose poem was about skin; Matthew Caley whose work centres on a fantasy University; and a guy called Nathan who has written a show based on Uri Geller that the great spoonbender apparently insisted on coming to see.
Nathan read a dreadful poem from Geller's memoirs. For some reason, I found it rather endearing that he's a lousy poet!
Jude, Kath and myself each played a song live and Naomi read one of her poems too.
I will let you know when it is broadcast: I love live poetry and rarely get to see/hear it, so this was a real treat, especially as the poets had such different writing and performing styles. Quite inspirational, in fact.
On the way back, an even more unfriendly 106 bus driver dropped off his passengers and roared off without picking anyone up although his bus was empty. What a rotter! I walked halway to Finsbury Park before giving up and waiting for the next one. It took two hours to get home, but it was worth it!
Pic shows Jude and Naomi (presenters) and Alicia (technician).

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