Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chefs Songs

After discovering that my library card had been nicked when Offsprog Two got mugged, I had to abandon my plans to get out a library book.
The silver lining to this was that I have made a decision to learn to play some Chefs songs for the Brighton Punk Alldayer in Brighton on the 17th of October (see for details if you want to go).
I already play Northbound Train as a Helen and the Horns song on the rare occasions when we play as a band, but I've decided to adapt Records and Tea (probably my favourite Chefs song and a collabaration between Rod Bloor, Carl Evans and myself), Let's Make Up (a collaboration between Tracy Preston and myself) and 24 Hours. They won't sound the same as the full band versions but I will give them my best shot. Phil Byford has asked me to play some of my 'now' songs too.
That weekend is going to be a busy one- the Desperado Housewives are playing in Stoke Newington on the Saturday, and I am doing a Billy Bragg night at the Boogaloo on Monday (one BB song and two of my own). It will be blissful to wallow about in so much music!


Anonymous said...

How can you play when you have man-flu? It takes at least 2 weeks to get over, and thats with a light bout


Helen McCookerybook said...

Blimey Wilky, I hope I'm better by the 17th of October!

Anonymous said...

Oooopps - read 'that weekend' as 'this weekend'

Thats what an evening of Klezmer music does to you!