Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bored, Blissfully

There is something blissful about topsy-turvey time.

Warehouse clearance of jewellery? 
Pull the other one, TV channel! Those tiny weeny sliver charm necklaces wouldn't take up any space in a warehouse and wouldn't need to be cleared. 
They are from the map-pocket of your dodgy white van: be honest! 
Where did you nick 'em from?

I went out to post a letter: it started raining as I opened the front door and stopped as soon as I got back.
Did I actually post it? 
I can't remember, but I didn't have it when I got home.

I spent part of the day bidding for things I didn't want on eBay and then feeling glad I didn't win them.

I sacked the milkman for delivering the milk at 11.30 after I've gone to work, so passing burglars know the house is empty and the milk is warm and sourish when I get back. I did apologise for sacking him though. 
I think he doesn't like getting up early. He looks like a hippy.

I did a drawing of a vase full of upside-down amputated feet, then a sad person looking at it with a foot missing, and now I don't want to open the book and look at it because it frightens me!

I missed my cats, who used to curl up with me when I didn't feel well.

I opened the chest of drawers that used to belong to McDad. 
It has in it about five clothes brushes, four shoe-horns, three pairs of binoculars, two bow ties and numerous magnifying glasses in little pouches, all smelling of a mixture of mothballs and lavender. I imagined an era when people had time to brush their clothes, ease their feet into their shoes with gentle leverage, stand in front of a mirror and take on the mysterious challenge of the bow tie; and peer at faraway things through binoculars, and nearby things through magnifying glasses. 
How gentle that time must have been!

I grazed on Twiglets and tinned Li-Chis all day then Offsprog 2 and myself had breakfast at about 7.30 p.m.

I spent a long time trying to scrape a piece of baked-on raspberry cake off the cooker. 
When I finally decided to give up and leave it, I saw that I had managed to scrape off no baked-on raspberry cake but quite a lot of cooker instead, and there are scratch marks all over the stainless steel. 
Whoopsy daisy!

I hope the 'flu flies away tomorrow. 

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