Monday, August 02, 2010

Transcribing for The Lost Women of Rock Music

I am getting down to working on the book.
First of all, I had to finish transcribing the interview I did with Viv Albertine, and I sat for two hours, painstakingly making sure every word was there so it is authentically her.
Then I lost everything I had done, all in one go!
I let the computer cool down (and myself) and started again.
I have just about done it, but have to go over it again tomorrow to check that it's accurate; there are ten pages so far and I expect it to be more, but tomorrow I will start at 8.30 as I meant to this morning.
I need to get into a groove because there are four more interviews to transcribe.
There are possibly two more interviews to record, but possibly not; I am going to be working very hard throughout August to get the book finished in time.
There are post-it notes stuck all over the desk with scribbled instructions. Every so often, I throw them all away. They are the material equivalent of stretching my arms and yawning, and I go to the back door and inhale outside-air to revitalise myself instead.
I am not a natural sitter-downer-and-writer and this feels like hard work, although it is incredibly interesting and I really value the information that comes out of these interviews.
I am also glad that no-one I have interviewed has become a grumpy old woman; instead, they gaze on their past with awe and dig up memories that surprise them.
I hope that by talking to me and to other people who also value the female contribution to British pop culture, that they in turn value themselves and their past as much as we do.


Jude Cowan said...

Oh no, you lost your work that is so AWFUL, I really sympathise ... having done the same myself many times.

I have written a lovely summery song, because I am in love! I have a lovely new boyfriend x

foolish girl said...

Hear Hear old bean to the last sentence. x