Thursday, August 26, 2010

In Which the Baby Next Door Has A Bad Dream

I have a gig tonight at Tottenham Chances, on the High Road, which is a Survivors gig; their gigs are usually a very interesting mixture of performers and often have a surreal air to them.

I was kept awake last night by next door's baby who had a scary dream and cried for ages.
As he calmed down he started to explain his dream and how frightened he was, but he can not speak yet; his need to articulate his fear overpowered his inability to talk, and he rambled for about an hour in infant lingo until he fell asleep again.
I could understand what he meant, even though he said it without familiar words.

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Jude Cowan said...

That is so true about understanding babies and how they talk without familiar words. You've made me quite baby-sick. I will have to sublimate this in music, in fact this post is very song-inspiring.