Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Went Away, Came Back

Hello Blog and Bloggees, whoever and wherever you are (always a mystery, or mostly, anyway).
I have just driven 400 miles down from Edinburgh with a brief stop at Druridge Bay.
I have done many things, but lack the energy to tell you what at the moment.
My plants are still alive, and a rather indignant toad was waiting in the middle of the yard, annoyed that he had to share it with a large perpendicular creature with a green plastic watering can and a sunburnt nose.
There were no important letters, no pay and no bills, so the situation is neutral.
The clothes are in the washer, the mouldy fruit that's been in the car for ten days is in the bin, the teenagers faces are superglued to the computer, the fridge's empty apart from two disgusting pizzas bought en route, and I'm going to drink me tea now.
What you been up to while I've been away?

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