Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Spring Cleaning in Summer

Well, it's just as good.
I have been accompanied by a fantastic CD called Girls with Guitars, which features some wild guitar-based tracks from all-female and female-led bands from 1963-1999. I am winding down with The Puppini Sisters' The Rise and Fall of Ruby Woo. They are more burlesque than Andrews Sisters-ish which rescues them from twee, as does the utterly fantastic double bass playing and guitar playing. However, I have listened to it it two separate sittings, as it was too sweet for one.
I have a dreadful confession to make.
I bought Patti Smith's Horses and a compilation of The Only Ones songs, and of the two, The Only Ones definitely comes out tops. I think I like the British take on punk that stems back to Music Hall and Charles Dickens and playground chants and rhymes better than the beat-poet or glam-rock New York version; although I did love Blondie when I saw them.
I am bored now.
I have done lots of work-related chores, putting students work in little tin drawers and firing off emails in various directions and there is more to do tomorrow eastways round the North Circular. I should wash the dishes now, but actually I fancy a cup of tea and yet another Poirot re-run.
BTW the new CD is swimming along nicely and in fact, Martin and myself are getting songs together for our next joint release.


Anonymous said...

oh dear - if thats the same 'girls with guitars' that I have then I beg to differ. Now, 'Early Girls volume 3 - the Chess recordings' is a wonder to behold.

All the bands on GWG just seemed, to me anyway, to be a bit manufactured

Will retrieve CD collection from relatives loft and prepare the case for the defence

W of St A

frayedattheedge said...

I seldom have a clue about the music you write about - ah well, I will just go on listening to Magic Radio (channel 715 on Freeview tv)