Friday, July 02, 2010

Spooky Rummaging

Acton Bell and Lucy O'Brien came for lunch.
I hadn't seen Lucy for ages; she has been doing three jobs and looked as though she'd just got back from holiday.
How she do that? She should be looking about 150! Maybe it's the relief of being finished!
After lunch, Acton Bell and me went charity shopping (Lucy had to go home and babysit).
I managed not to buy anything until we got to the antique emporium and I spotted a box of 7" singles.
How weird- they were all oddities, but I had about half of them! Gary's Gang (Dance, Dance Dance), Sylvester (You Make Me Feel), Andy Williams (Can't Take My Eyes Off You), more still.
It was only a shoebox full but it was an incredible coincidence.
Acton Bell said maybe they had belonged to a person in a parallel universe.
I bought Limmie and the Family Cookin's Walking Miracle. I thought it was by somebody else, actually.
It was 50p.
Acton Bell bought a grey felt hat with grey feathers.
In another shop she bought a pale blue mohair jumper (beautiful) and I bought a couple of rather fine badminton rackets, breaking my vow never to buy anything from a charity shop ever again!
There was a huge box of 7" singles in that shop but I didn't fancy any more odd coincidences so I merely skimmed the top of that one.

I realised yesterday that Stuart Morgan was my ex-boyfriend's ex-boyfriend's ex-boyfriend.
You could almost make a necklace out of that.

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