Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Relief of a Cancelled Day

I was going to head down to Utrophia to Songs of Praise: you play a song, and get praised for it.
I have a real soft spot for the Utrophia people as they were very kind and supportive in the best kind of way when I was splitting up from my ex-husband. They have moved to a new warehouse and I have lost touch with them a bit, so it would have been a good way to catch up.
Gina was finishing my film and I realised I did not have time to do both and decided to go to East London to collect it
She discovered too late that the film would not burn to a CD properly
I stayed at home and tidied out the under-stairs cupboard, finding a lithograph I'd done at Art College for McMum, who gave away too much stuff when she moved and was delighted to find that I had another copy of the print to give her
I found a box in a difficult-to-get-at cupboard that had Offsprog One's teddies in it, and she's here
She has just made me a lovely salad
It's not been too bad at all stuck at home today.

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frayedattheedge said...

Sounds like another good day 9and no Arsenal fans to spoil it!!)