Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Op for Mickey

I have a new song, and I am prevaricating because the words need to be exactly right.
This means that I've done a whole load of odd jobs such as putting batteries into things, screwing in loose screws in the kitchen cupboard doors, going to the dentist, cleaning the fridge and sweeping the yard.
The most bizarre odd job, though, was straightening the black felt ears of a Mickey Mouse Pelham Puppet that I bought at a junk shop along the road.
Its strings were impossibly tangled but I thought of Offprog 2's idly twiddling fingers and within a matter of seconds the strings were straight and taut and Mickey could stand up with that scary lateral wobbling that puppets have.
He was not glorious though, because his ears were folded and twisted, crumpled into sorry apologies that did not do justice to Walt's beloved son.
I had been meaning to iron them to straighten them out, but anyone who knows me well knows that I am a stranger to the ironing board, and poor Mickey had to hang around looking bedraggled until today when I sponged his ears, folded cardboard over them and pegged them with pegs from the washing line until they were dry and had straightened out.
Now he is magnificent and old, and looks vintage rather than second hand and rejected.
I am a cosmetic surgeon to the puppet world!

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