Sunday, July 11, 2010


Frantically, everyone who is anyone technology-wise is adding the prefix 'i' to everything, so they can cash in on the frisson of greedy need stimulated by iPods, iPhones, and all that marketing gloop.
I used to think it was funny that PCs had a 'My Computer' area, almost primary-schoolish in its me-ness.
And of course, in writing an iBlog, I also am an 'i'.
Perhaps there is now truly no such thing as society, only a collection of 'i's linked together by technology, simultaneously objecting to CCTV while putting the most private of their personal details on the web for everyone in soc'i'ety to browse at their leisure and for their pleasure.

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Anonymous said...

I gather the 'Russian spies' complained about media intrusion - when they had spent countless years intruding on other people's lives!