Saturday, July 31, 2010

After mistakenly telling everyone that the gig was at a pub called The Railway, I walked into The Station at Hither Green for the Icarus Club's bonny night.
The club has it's own crowd, who are listeners and smilers, and the MC Andy holds everything together with a subtle iron fist in a velvet glove (pervy, moi?).
Eddie Johns was playing again, and it was nice to see him singing his songs which have a distinctive almost-devotional feel to them- that's meant as a a compliment, they don't sound like Sunday School songs!
I loved Caleb, a duo who play treated guitars and sing beautiful dreamlike songs with a sort of tempered wailing: the woman has an extremely powerful voice that she controls perfectly and the guitars spread out underneath the songs to create a shimmering bed of surreality. They concentrated hard- they weren't a pair of jolly japesters by any means, but they were mesmerising, and are definitely worth seeing and hearing
I enjoyed playing my second set: the knackeredness of the 400 mile drive the day before evaporated, and I played Summer Days, Daisies and Gotta Have a Heart at full throttle, spurred on by Caleb's upping of the ante!

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