Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Spice Girls

Someone has nicked my little box of plastic Spice Girls with big heads and little bodies from my office at the University of the East.
I wonder if it was one of the cleaners and they thought I wouldn't notice?
They are the first things I look at when I get to work; I admire their little Spice-personalities, Sporty kicking, Scary scaring...
Their heads are so huge they fall over if you get them out of the box, perilously close to what actually happens in real life.


Anonymous said...

People are often so ready to blame the cleaners for missing stuff. I suppose it's because the cleaners are easy targets - invisible servants. But just because the wages are poor it doesn't mean they prop their earnings up by stealing. More likely to be a student or a jealous colleague.

Helen McCookerybook said...

Possibly, possibly; I used to be a cleaner and I never stole anything. It means that I have never been able to employ anyone to help me clean the house, because I know what hard work it is for crap pay.