Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Premises Studio

Charged and out on bail: the main offender and his sidekick, a young girl.
They are not allowed anywhere near Offsprog 2, who is out again tonight.
Thank you for wishing us well.

I had an interesting day today; I had a meeting at The Premises studio in Hackney, and was shown around afterwards.
It has a great little cafe downstairs, and upstairs there are rehearsal studios and a recording studio on the top floor that is solar powered.
The Puppini Sisters were in there, recording their Christmas album in the sweltering heat.
There was tinsel wrapped around the mic stands and some rather flabby-looking pink balloons attached to music stands and the piano, so they could get into that wintry groove.
A very old and distinguished-looking double bass lay sideways on the floor, and an old sunburst Gibson semi-acoustic perched on a guitar stand ready for action.
They have a remix room stuffed with vintage effects units and a reconditioned Trident desk, massive and imposing like something from the Starship Enterprise, buttons and faders galore.
The engineer's chunky reindeer cardigan hung from a peg, waiting for winter.
Someone was shooting a video behind a closed door; glistening dry-cleaning bags were draped over the banisters, their wire hangers tumbling to the floor.
The studio tabby cat lay flattened by heat exhaustion beside a large amplifier in a corridor.
'Watch out, she'll scratch you!', said Viv, who was showing me round. But she was too knackered: she flattened herself even more and stretched herself out for more.
I cam away bearing a CD of jazz singers who had been doing a course taught by Ian Shaw, so I'll listen to that tomorrow.

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