Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Photo Love

I knew a girl who used to be in those photo love stories in girls' comics, you know: 'Don't you love me any more, Alan?' in a speech bubble pasted on to a black and white photo of a girl with her mouth open looking as though she is talking, her face looking sad and her hands outspread in a gesture of despair.

Her revelation was that she actually had to say the scripted words when they were taking the photographs!
I bet she felt silly.

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daisychubb1979 said...

There was a girl at my sixth form college who modelled wedding dresses for 'Brides' magazine. She had very long blonde curly hair, and rather pre-raphaelite features. She also worked in a bar in Buxton, had some kind of job assembling flat pack furniture, possibly at B&Q, and organised a tour for Dust Junkys. I think she might have failed her A-Levels though....