Monday, June 14, 2010

National Anthems

I am overhearing the Italy/Paraguay game.
I love the tooters.
I also double-love the national anthem bit, and I resolve to watch this part of as many games as possible.
The Italians sang with gusto, all out of tune with each other and all out of tune with the band, the heads of a couple of them jutting forward and pulling backwards like cockerels. Serious, serious!
And the Paraguayans sang theirs too, most of them mildly resentfully, apart from one who sang as though he had just won the lottery.
The game itself? Poo. It's all showbiz'n'fouls.
 I prefer live football by little clubs in in little grounds, but the national anthem bit will be compulsory viewing from now on!

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daisychubb1979 said...

A friend at work was telling me today that she and one of her (female) friends went to see 'Sex and the City 2' last night. On the way in, they were offered a free gift (possibly at the popcorn stand) and the friend very excitedly claimed a free vavazuma. Apparently the film was even more dreadful than expected, but the friend took great pleasure at blowing the vavazuma in the near empty cinema whenever a pseudo-poignant or romantic moment was in the offing. They had a great night I think as a result of this...