Thursday, June 17, 2010


I didn't post yesterday because Offsprog 2 got mugged by seven teenagers the day before; her bag was stolen and she was 'shaken up', as they say.
She had just been sitting talking to a friend on a park bench when she saw two guys approaching. She joked to her friend that they looked like muggers and put her new phone up her sleeve.
Her friend had the presence of mind to tell them that his parents had confiscated his phone because he got bad exam results, but that didn't stop them from knocking him to the ground and kicking him. Offsprog 2 got jostled , and because she fought back and shouted, some girls came running over.
She thought they might be going to help her, but they were the ones that took her bag (they cut the straps) while one of the guys put his hand over her mouth to stop her shouting.
Twenty people watched, and not one of them called the police.
She called them herself and they drove her round to see if they could find the gang, but they couldn't.
She lost all her birthday gift vouchers and her money and her keys; but later on, a little man came round with a bag. He had found her French Art Trip papers and her pencil case in the street, and brought them round for her. Bless him.
So I decided to go to look for her bag. They had thrown it over the hoardings into the market area: I could see it through the gates.
I came home and wrote a note to the stallholders and sellotaped it to the gate lock and got up at the crack of dawn yesterday to go round for it. In it was a new bottle of perfume a friend had got for her, and some of her make-up, but she was well pleased with that.
Most of yesterday morning I was trying and failing to put a new lock on the door; I could get it all set up and then I couldn't pull the key out. After two solid hours, I called the locksmiths, and they did it in 5 minutes (£75). In my next life I think I will be a locksmith!

Yesterday evening she went for a walk with her girl friends. I thoroughly approve of her reclaiming the streets for herself, although I do not approve of her smoking which is why she was sitting on the park bench with her friend and probably why she went out for a walk too.
What is life?
Sweet and sour.


frayedattheedge said...

I am so sorry that your poor offsprog had such a horrible experience - and good for her that she has been out again! If I ever get to be Prime Minister ..... I would cane the muggers in public, as they do in Singapore!

paulG said...

So sorry your offsprog2 suffered such a ghastly experience. Hope she will baounce back quickly.
She's lucky to have such a level-headed mum.

Helen McCookerybook said...

Thank you for your comments!