Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Making a Video in Vintage and Rare Guitars

So it was a warm and humid day; all thoughts of glamour went out of the window as I had to try without success to unblock the drain in the yard.
Finally, I gave up, and splodged some make-up on my face before heading down to Denmark Street to my fave shop, Vintage and Rare Guitars, who had very kindly given permission for Gina Birch to make a video of my songs, The Song of the Unsung Heroine.
Gina did some shots of my feet dancing as we chatted to an ex-film student from the University of Westminster, who played us a couple of country songs, and who could yodel.
'I'm sixty-two, you know', she told us.
Customers drifted in and tried out guitars; from time to time we switched the fan off and filmed the song all the way through.
A young American lad came in with his father and tried out a 1930s Martin; he left again. Someone came in and tried out a Dobro; most people ignored what was going on completely, most appropriately considering the subject matter of the song, observed Gina.
A snotty chap in a pin-striped shirt and coloured trendy spectacles came in and ostentatiously put his hand over the light Gina had brought, looking at the guitars beyond. He glared at us from time to time before settling on the settee with a Strat.
The young American lad came in again, and had another play of the Martin, this time for more than half an hour.
We went to the 12-Bar for a coffee and a break, where we met a band from Hartlepool, The Dirty Water Blues Band, who knew Martin and who were down for the day to look at guitars.
As we went back to the shop to finish filming, they came in, looking for a guitar that cost £1100 on the internet, and £1500 not. 'Just ask them to take the money off', I said.
Had the young American lad bought the Martin?
No; 'Slow sale', remarked the shop guy, laconically.

Back home, Offsprog 2 wasn't back.
When she came in, she said the mugger, who had already come up to her in the street last week and called her by her name, had been outside her school.
She had gone to the police station and reported seeing him, and been asked to go out in a car with an officer to look for him. Frightened, she said she didn't want to be recognised.
'Don't worry', said the police officer, who promptly jumped out of the car to arrest him as soon as she saw him.
Of course, both he and his large bunch of mates saw Offsprog 2; some of his friends got their mobiles out to film her, she thought.
He is in custody, and we don't know if they are going to charge him.
I am frightened; she is not. She is angry, and has gone out with her sister.
I have persuaded her to let me pick them up later on from the station.


Claire said...

I hope Offsprog 2 is ok and it all blows over quickly, it's horrible. Take care. x

frayedattheedge said...

I hope it all gets sorted out!