Friday, June 11, 2010

Another Photograph

That little bass there is a Jedson, Phil, and it's the one I had before I bought the Hofner I used in The Chefs.
It had a short scale neck which made it easy to play and Steve had a matching guitar- cream with a while scratchplate. I used to write the set list out on a strip of masking tape and stick it along the top of the bass where no-one could see it. And yes, it's at The Buccanneer and must have been taken quite late in the band's short life as I got that boiler suit later on. I wish I still had it!
I have been trying to guess which song I was playing.
Here's another pic taken at Martin's a few weeks ago.
Even though I am wearing a dress with flowers on it I imagine I would be quite pleased back then at the thought of starting playing gigs again after having kids, although would not have believed I was going to go on to be a professional musician for seven years after being a punk- I was not at all ambitious, which has probably been my downfall in life.

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