Friday, April 30, 2010

The Green Note, Camden

Life is full of little adventurettes; as I walked through St Pancras underground, there was Josh from Casualty, casually striding off the escalator, as though he wasn't famous at all.

Last night's gig at the Green Note was a real rip-roarer!
They treat their musicians well, and gave us dainty plates of vegetarian food, and drinks; sound checking was informal and quick, and Paul Davey arrived with his clarinet and a smile, and so did former Daintees photographer Mike Chavez: well, a smile, anyway, if not a clarinet (lots of his photos at
'Ee must be populaire', commented the waiter as the place filled up to the brim.
In spite of being hayfeverish I think I turned in a good set (Martin and Paul said I did anyway) with Paul joining me for Autumn Love and London, Martin for Heaven Avenue and both for Loverman.
Martin soon had the audience bonded, included, laughing and singing; it was someone's birthday and Martin and Paul went to her table to serenade her.
There was an Italian fan who had seen him supporting Bob Geldof in Italy when the fan was eight, who requested a song called Daffodils which I'd never heard before (the fan was a little bit of a trainspotter). Martin challenged me to a flower-song singoff, and gave me his guitar to play Daisies (which I had thought I was putting aside until further notice).
He played a mixture of old-timey, Daintees and solo songs, sold a lot of CDs and generally turned in a fine performance; it's cool being his support act and co-roadie!

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