Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I'm inundated by staring-into-the-computer-type work!

An application for funding- torture through the prison bars of an Excel spreadsheet but a fantastic project...
A presentation to try to become a qualified teacher- I get half an hour on Friday to rip through 25 Powerpoint slides and sweat and gabble...
My students are out on work placements... some of them. the others are sending me little-lost-lamb emails. Oh no!
My other students are panicking about their songs (some of them)

I've got cold feet because I haven't moved for three hours, and tingly fingers from typing too much instead of laying guitar. I'm allergic to my wooly jumper (stress, I imagine) so my arms are itching.

In two hours, I will stop and do a proper posting. This is a distract-o-post, designed to stop me fomr going mad!

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