Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Lots of things come at once and have to be squeeeezed up like bits in a sausageskin....
Tomorrow, Thursday, it's the Ladyfest at Goldsmith's; I'm playing at 10.15 in the New Cross Tavern with lots of other interesting music and it's £5 to get in.
On Friday, I'm off to Sheffield to do a House Concert, and on Sunday I'm in Sussex in the afternoon: 14:00 at Second Sunday
Blackboys Inn, Lewes Road, Blackboys, nr Uckfield, London and South East TN22 5LG Cost: £5.00
There is going to be a Helen and the Horns gig in September if the guys can do it.
I am plundering the wardrobe for clothes to wear: the glamorous for the Ladyfest, the characterful for the House Concert and... what does one wear for a Sunday afternoon gig? Who knows. I'll look at the weather and be woolly if it's snowy and frilly if it's not. How frilling to have these dilemmas!

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ANTHONY said...

Dear Helen, ive been on this comp. Thing all day long yesterday thurs. Checking, re-checking, & re-re-checking time-tables etc. To transport me to Uckfield on sunday. Appparently trains arrive there from London Bridge stn. But after several changes. Platforms etc. And there is a 3 mile walk from stn to pub. Another reason to buy a personal Sat/Nav. I may go, don't know yet?