Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dog in Car

My car has stoppped smelling of dog. Because it is an ex-disabled-persons-car, I assumed that it had belonged to a blind person and the smell was their guide dog, until I realised what I was assuming.
I was musing on the way to work about the Bay Hotel, Gourock. It was a fantastic venue up the road from Greenock, owned by an altruistic millionaire who booked bands there at weekends and bussed young people up from Greenock, there and back, so they could have a nice time seeing current bands. All sorts of bands did the gig- Carmel, King Kurt, loads. For bands, you got to stay in a really nice hotel by the sea with a shoe-polishing machine and a plopping ice-machine on the landing, a guaranteed audience, pay, and the most fantastic breakfast you could possibly imagine. And free drinks, which led to Helen and the Horns staying up half the night with the trumpet player, Chris, playing tunes on those plastic telescopic plant-watering tubes, and much noisy merriment. My partner and myself got to stay in the honeymoon suite, which is how I know that if you get into a jacuzzi after drinking too much, you throw up.
Stu Jones has sent a link for you to look at: http://mrobscure.blogspot.com/
..and if you read the comment below (thank you hangthedj) and follow the link you will find that a Japanese record company appear to have pirated the Helen and the Horns CD!

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